Pattern Analysis: Mega Millions
Mega Millions History
In Recent years, Mega Millions are getting popular as it drew largest ever recorded Jackpot at $370 million, beating the previous Jackpot records from the other major US lottery game Power ball. Given the current state of economy, every feels the pinch and wanted to check out their luck. Will that luck strike you given the monumental odds of hitting the jackpot? It seems like some people are extremely lucky in winning over the odds. Pretty much we have the winner on every drawing at least someone winning the 5 white balls match worth of quarter million if not the jackpot.

Mega million was started back in 1996 with the name "Big Game". Since then It was drawn weekly on Fridays until 1998. After that, due to the demand, Tuesday drawing was also added and has been that way since then. Also, the number of US States participating in this game has increased from six to twelve. Currently Mega Millions is played in 41 US States(AR AZ CA CO CT DC DE GA IA ID IL IN KS KY ME MD MA MI MN MO MT NE NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX VT VA WA WV WI ). The basic game play remains the same across all participating states even though there are minor variations regarding how Jackpot winnings are paid to the winner.

Each play in this game costs a dollar and it purchases a ticket that has an odd of 1 in 175,711,536 chance of landing the jackpot winning. The player has the option to choose his/her own numbers of five white balls and one mega ball or can easily let the computer pick for you at the point of sales. The white balls are numbered from 1 thru 56 and each ticket will have five white balls between 1 and 56 and the sixth mega ball will be chosen between 1 and 46. When the "Big Game" was conceived, players were given a pool of numbers 1 through 50 to choose for their first five balls and numbers 1 through 25 for their sixth. Beginning in 1999, players were offered the numbers 1 through 50 for the five regular balls and 1 through 36 for the sixth. When the game became Mega Millions in 2002, players selected numbers between 1 and 52 for both the five regular balls and the Mega Ball.
Gathering Data
First of all, is it really worth to completely rely on your luck on your bet with a quick pick or is there a way where you can actually enhance your odds of winning by choosing the numbers after some analysis? This is what we call it a “smart luck” by choosing your picks from the organized data sets of five ball combinations based on certain statistical analysis conducted on the historical winnings to date. Given the monumental odds, does that really matter? Well, it may not matter much as far as jackpot win is concerned but by choosing the numbers based on some analysis will help to increase your odds of winning other prizes. Even the five white balls match will get you a quarter millions! Well, How can I do the analysis? do we have all odds and historical winning data available? Where do I get the organized lotto data sets?

Even though there is a whole lot of information you can search thru Google in the internet space about the lottery, you may not be able to find the organized lottery data sets that you can actually use. You may be able to find few but unfortunately they are not free because it does involves a massive amount of data that you can't even load in excel files and no wonder that it will take enormous amount of time even for opening such files with that much amount of data. It does involve lot of analysis based on the historical winnings since this game started and derive the organized sets of five balls combination based on that analysis. That explains why there are no such data available for free in the internet. So it is very important to find organized data sets and those odds that are categorized based on some research that you should be able to pick the numbers from that. You can even do your own analysis on the data sets that you purchase.
What do we offer?  Buy Mega Millions Data Package
Our website offers the complete package of Mega millions data sets containing all five balls combinations along with the complete historical winnings since this big game started back in 1996. In addition to these seed data, we have conducted different statistical analysis on the historical winning pattern and applied those findings to extract those odds from the monster file with all combinations matching the criteria so that you can actually choose the number for your weekly draws from the narrow or smaller datasets when compared to the all combination data sets. You can either purchase the complete package or separate files based on what data set that you want to use for choosing your number or for doing further research on these data sets.

Given the amount of data /number of records exceed the maximum limits of what MS Excel can display, all of these large data sets are available only in tab delimited text files. When you purchase the data sets from us, we will send you the text files containing the data. Once you have the file, you can use the file in the same format or import that into any other tools like excel, access or SQL data base for your further analysis.
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